Optifree Replenish Lens Solution (300 ml)

Optifree Replenish Lens Solution (300 ml)

Alcon’s Opti-free® Replenish Contact lens solution is a multi-purpose solution that cleans, disinfects and moisturises soft contact lenses. It cleans by loosening and removing accumulations of protein and other deposits and debris from your lenses and continues to clean your lenses during disinfection and storage. It destroys harmful microorganisms (germs) on the surfaces of lenses. In addition, Opti-free Replenish has a TearGlyde® reconditioning system, which reconditions the lens surface everyday by absorbing a proprietary wetting system to the surface, allowing a thin layer of moisture from your natural tears to be maintained on the lens surface throughout the day. This allows for a continuous shield of moisture between the lens and the eye, providing comfort all day by keeping lenses moist. This shield of moisture on the surface of the lens helps maintain the appearance of white eyes (free from redness) in many patients. It increases comfort for wearers of the most common soft contact lens material who experience discomfort.

Opti-free Replenish® Advantage

  1. Highly effective dual disinfectants, get rid of germs that cause eye infections
  2. Cleans lenses by removing accumulated proteins and debris
  3. TearGlyde® system enables moisture from natural tears to hydrate lenses through-out the day
  4. Approved for all soft contact lenses
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Content Size 300 ml

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