O2 Optix

O2 Optix

O2 Optix is a brand of breathable contact lenses made by Alcon (Ciba Vision). They are soft contact lenses made from a silicone hydrogel material consisting of approximately 67% lotrafilcon B, 33% water, and have a patented surface treatment to resist deposits for more comfortable lens wear. O2 Optix lenses are for daily wear and extended wear for up to six continuous nights


Main Features

  1.         Breathable Contact Lens
  2.         Allows upto 5 times more oxygen to the eyes, keeping eyes fresh
  3.         It’s a Silicone Hydrogel lens, resulting in higher comfort, less dryness even after extended hours of wear
  4.         Silicone Hydrogel lens at the price of normal hydrogel lenses
  5.         Product of Alcon, one of the top 3 international brands in contact lens globally
  6.         Best seller lens in India
General Information
Brand Alcon
Product Name O2 Optix
Product Type Soft Contact Lenses
Product sub-type Monthly Disposable
Lens Per Pack 6 Lenses
Technical Information
Lens Material Lotrafilcon B
Diameter 14.2 mm
Base Curve 8.6 mm
Water Content 33%
Lens Technology Silicone Hydrogel Lens (High Comfort)
Ultra Violet (UV) Ray Protection No
Usage Information
Usage Duration (Lens Validity) 1 Month from date of opening the Lens satchel
Package Expiry As printed on the Lens Pacakge (Minimum 1 Year from date of Delivery)
Gender Unisex

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Wash your hands before handling your contact lenses, every single time

Do not wear contact lenses longer than prescribed by your eye care practitioner

Clean your contact lenses with the recommended lens cleaning solution

Do not use water, saliva, saline or any other liquid to clean your contact lenses

Follow your doctor’s prescription and advice on contact lenses

Do not use water to wash or soak / store your contact lenses

Always use fresh lens solution to clean and soak your contact lenses

Do not reuse your contact lens solution

Clean and dry your contact lens case every day

Do not mix old and new contact lens solutions

Replace your contact lens case every three months

Do not stretch the use of your contact lens beyond the replacement date

Remove your contact lenses if you experience any discomfort

Do not sleep with your contact lenses, not even a short nap

Change the solution in your contact lens case even on days when you have not worn your contact lenses

Do not use contact lenses when you have eye infection or redness

Give your eyes a break from contact lenses 1 day every week

Do not use contact lenses during swimming, in shower or in bath tub

Wear a protective eye gear such as Sunglass when exposed to high dust and smoke areas while wearing contact lenses

Do not use contact lenses when you are exposed to very high temperature such as in kitchen

Wear and remove contact lenses in the same sequence (right / left) every day

Do not bring your contact lenses in touch with eye make-up, especially powders or liquids

Check for expiry date of your contact lenses and lens solution regularly

Do not wear torn or damaged contact lenses

Carry a backup eyeglass with you in case you have to remove your contact lens

Do not rub your eyes vigorously when wearing lenses

You only have one pair of eyes! Take care of them!

  1. First time lens users should always wear lenses after consulting an qualified eye care practitioner
  2. Please order contact lenses as per your prescription
  3. Contact lens users are advised to adhere to contact lens use guidelines

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