Normal Comfort Lens (Hydrogel)

Normal Comfort Lens (Hydrogel)

Normal Comfort Hydrogel Contact Lens

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Focus Dailies

Focus® Dailies® contact lenses provide wearers with a convenient way of wearing contact lenses..

Ex Tax: ₹1,156.00

Freshlook Colorblends

Freshlook® Colorblends - If you have ever wanted to subtly enhance your eye color, Freshlook C..

Ex Tax: ₹710.00

Optima 38

Optima® 38 is An easy-to-fit low water content spherical soft lens manufactured using "Reverse Proc..

Ex Tax: ₹900.00

Soflens Daily

SofLens® Daily Disposable contact lenses, manufactured by Bausch & Lomb, are manufactured ..

Ex Tax: ₹995.00

Soflens 59

SofLens® 59 contact lenses, manufactured by Bausch & Lomb in a 6 pack format, are monthly ..

Ex Tax: ₹995.00